Chapter 3 – A Guiding Light, A Gentle Hand

The Saki stared at one another in silence.  The original Sako was unsure what was running through the mind of her younger self, but all seven of her senses were on high alert.  After the unfortunate betrayal that unexpectedly occurred earlier in life, she was not about to take any chances on this blowing up.  What if her father was home in the past?  She’d be dead, at least if discovered like this.  No, this would take all of the wile and subterfuge she could muster.

“I’ve been sent down here to earth to watch over you,”

Sako gaped at her older self.  Her eyes bulged from their sockets, nothing but whites and little pinpoints of constricted brown.

“Who… I mean.”  She paused, her tongue-tip slowly peeking out to wet suddenly dry lips.  Her fingers tightened at the bottom of a NIN tee, tightening and worrying at the fabric.

“Are you… really an angel?”

“Of course I am.  That’s a silly thing to ask about.” Read More

Chat Log 1

M3phistph0les: Sako.   ARogueM: what M3phistph0les: Sako you’re running out of time. M3phistph0les: Where’s your post? ARogueM: yeah about that… ARogueM: its gonna be a little bit before i can get to it M3phistph0les: Are you kidding me? ARogueM: jesus ARogueM: just settle down ARogueM: my excuse is that im in a pissy mood mom […]

Chapter 2 – When Angels Deserve to Die

Sako sprawled herself out across the couch.  The reason she had loudly given her sister and her mother was she had wanted to watch Lucy play Call of Duty on the big TV in the living room.  The actual reason, the one that kept darting through her mind like a screaming marathon runner was she […]

Chapter 1 – Within Every Lie, Lives a Kernel of Truth

“I can’t believe that dad didn’t believe me,” Sako said as she sulked overtop her lunch. “I mean, when have I ever lied to him? Why would I just, like, completely lose his handsaw that I’ve never touched before and make up a story about it?” “There was that one time you told him you […]

Prologue – Meeting Oneself for the First Time

The first time Sako met herself, she was twelve and twenty eight years old. But that hasn’t happened yet. The backyard was aglow with early evening sunlight.  Though small there was nothing but untidy grass ringing a small stone walkway and a wooden shed in the otherwise empty plot.  Green Converse sneakers slapped on the […]